Saturday, April 08, 2006

After many weeks of working on my experiment here, I finally took some pictures of it to enlighten all you wonderers. Well to be precise 2.

After many weeks of working on my experiment here, I finally took some pictures of it to enlighten all you wonderers. Well to be precise 2.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Read the next post after the one after that. Will make more sense.
Hmm, well the last post stopped me from adding pictures, so look at this one more closely. Yes. a horses head.
A random building:

The quality establishment that is the SEX SAUNA. I dont wanna know whose inside a place like that.
Hehe. An awesome name for a garage, especially because its just around the corner from the coffee shop.
Ahh the baby dump. Either a shop, or a bloody good idea.

Hey all you party people. Long time no blog as they say. Well heres an update ~ ~ yep, those thingumys contained the latest news from this side of the pond. Apart from St Patricks day that was filled with much merryment and drinking, as well as possibly the worst pint/pints of Guinness i've ever had, and from an Irish bar. Crazy dutchish ppl. So as theres no news, and I got bored, I went on a photp tour of all the random things around here. So here goes:

Here we have the traditionally dutch computer shop. De no-nonsense computerwinkel. Makes me chuckle.

Here we have some really rather large bowling pins, and a sinking ball. Might make sense if they were outside a bowling alley. But no. In traditional Dutch style, their just between a couple of roads.

And a building that they probably looked at afterwards and sed "hmm, something just aint quite right here"Heres the university, well part of it. I don't know what either of these 2 buildings are.

And this is the entrance way to the uni.

I've got no idea what this is, but ipresume it's some sort of projecting device as it has a screen at 1 end. But then its a huge thing with built in air con for a screen that size.And this building is some sort of chemical place. Not that strange I hear u say... But loook closer.

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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Ayyyyy. It appears to be quite a substantial amount of time since my last post, so this is going to be an extra special one about piles. But first the news. What have I done recently? Well I went home, had an interview, came back, and thats about it. So on with the piles.

I tidied my room so we now have a pile of fruit, empty juice cartons, and beer. Yummy

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Ahh. I feel like a nice cold Fosters....I don't look like one!!

Oh wait. MAYBE I DO!!!

Friday, February 10, 2006

So. To town to town. Or i should say city coz its pretty huge. If I didnt have an excellent sense of direction i'd probably still b there. Or would have given up, found a bar, and oh yeah. Still of been there. Wee heres some pictures to keep you amused.
This is the Philips stadium. Crap pictures but u get the idea. Most of the big buildings here are owned by Philips, but im told that most of the appliances sold are from Siemens.

Heres 2 pictures of town, just some random shops. Note the bikes. This is a small amount, they just got in the way of a sexy fireman.
Here's some sweets I bought in town. I tried to get things that we dont have at home, and it bit me in the ass. The stick thing is indeed a stick. looks like a stick tastes like a stick. I don't know why i got it. The pipas thing looked like bits of chocolate. Its actually salted sunflower seeds. Do I look like a rabbit? The Panoch thing looked liked peanuts but is dried, crispy, spicy sweetcorn. Not bad though. The Beertjei thing starts with beer. Good thinking i say but its powdered liquoriche of sumthing jank like that. Pants. The only good thing from the whole lot is the little box which are millions. Called dummies over here. Silly mane though, everyone knows a dummy is what you give to a baby. And their liable to choke on these. FOOLS

Anyway. Please insert comments on possible stick uses

Thursday, February 09, 2006

It was the night before wednesday, and all through the lab, not a beer was being paid for, send me to rehab. or something that rymes with lab. Ahh, stab. An outloud thought. better be careful. might say something too sexy for words. but then i couldnt. arghf. exploision of the doomness.

Anyway. yes. there was a free bar in the department coz a new lab was being opened, and so had to attend. It turned out with bout 5 of us students and fer hundred professors from all over the world. And a fair amount of drunkenness ensued. Well it had to really. I was told about another stereotype of the eengleesh that we drink a lot, so i had to make sure i carried it proudly on. Unfortunately the bar thing shut after a couple of hours so we all rode unsteadily 2 a bar in town. 1st though someone wanted to stop at a coffee shop to get a joint. its the weirdest thing when you can order it over the counter, and the woman has a whole load of little draws with rolled biftas in. Anyway. i couldnt have any coz of DML and their drug tests of doom, so carried on to the drinking establishment. Was pretty good, but no idea how much i drunk coz their glasses are so small here that u have so many u cant count.

Well thats about it for that. When I remember something else ill let u know! Ill try and get some more pictures 2

L8rs fools

Sunday, February 05, 2006

So, the russian vordka night. I thought that by agreeing to turn up to this evening and sample the vodka, I would try it and that would be it. Plain simple vodka, not too good, but not 2 bad. Well, I turned up and was served up a traditional Polish plate of jank. It was brown and full of what was apparantly chopped up sausage and meats and onion and some juice stuff. Well, I tried it and it wasnt 2 bad, until i discovered mushyroom. Hmm I thought, how do I get out of this, so I formulated a cunning plan and sed does anyone want this fine plate of food coz i dont. Well, that was ok, and something wrapped up in paper was brought in. A bottle of vodka I thought. But no. It was a fish. A fish I hear u ask? Yes it was a fish. A smoked mackrel, which relieved me a bit that it wasnt a Pole fish or another such breed. So the fish was chopped up, and then the vodka poured out, and a jar of home pickled gerkhins opened. So I had some vodka, some fish, and after that was convinced 2 try gerkhin, which take my advice. DONT. Like shit on a stick, or a pole to be more honest.

Well I wasn't allowed to stick with 1 shot of vodka and had another, and then another till the bottle was empty. Unfortunately I then learnt that its Polish tradition that if the bottle doesnt end with everyone having an equal amount around the table, another one has to be started to fill up the last glass. And another tradition is that once a bottle is open it has to be finished. Apparantly alcohol shops stay open 24 hours over there just for this rule. Well we only had the 2 bottles so they disappeared quickly and that was that, back to counter strike.

The vodka wasn't actually that bad, but the food wasnt 2 sparkly, but ahh well. We should try it back in england. Mayb even with advocat.

On a better note. This is dutch beer. 35 cents a can, damn nice and 5%. Good shit.